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Since 2006, the creator of this curriculum, Wendy Anderson Halperin, has dedicated her life to creating lessons to assist educators in teaching children's hands fine motor skills. With over 700 step by step drawing lessons, she has created a program that is easy to implement and highly effective in engaging students in near-far perceptual skills, hand-eye coordination, increased attention span, proper pencil grip and formation of letters, acute listening and following direction skills and so much more. In 2020 DCIR launched it's first website loaded with our curriculum for the public to access online. WE initially made the website free so as to help educators and homeschool parents by offering these lessons at no charge while the world was dealing with COVID. In 2023 we launched our 2.0 website with many new lessons added, an educator's page with teacher training films, a teacher manual for the Foundation course and the suggested course outline to follow during the school year. This new 2.0 website is a subscription based service for a nominal $108 for an entire year of the website. That's only $.30/day to truly help children get the start they deserve in being confident communicators in both words and pictures.

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First kindles the desire to engage in learning through drawing. We spark the critical development of fine motor skills when children listen, write and draw, Happiness is our fuel to build self-esteem. WE ignite pathways to a child's brain when their hands, eyes and ears are collectively executing the tasks. The eyes see the task. The ears help understand the task. The non-dominant hand is constantly repositioning the paper to best accomplish the task. The dominant hand executes the task with the power of muscle memory. Muscle memory is the enduring ability to empower automaticity. Automaticity is an automatic response pattern or habit, and is the key to unlocking literacy in ALL its forms.





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