Second - Third Grade Impact

In the second - third grade classrooms, the students learn both upper and lowercase cursive from our dcir.org website. They sit quietly, draw shapes that mimic cursive letters as they create illustrations out of those cursive shapes. On the lines below their drawings, they practice the letter shapes, flow and pressure used to make up the cursive alphabet. These students also practice daily sight word writing to increase their vocabulary and spelling knowledge. Weekly drawing lessons that tie to what the classroom teacher is already teaching are offered to engage, inspire as well as ignite interest in learning.

Second - Third Grade Drawings

Second - Third Graders

With Their Drawings

Second - Third Grade

Daily Writing Practice Samples

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“We have been working on DCIR all year. I really enjoy doing DCIR in our school curriculum because it is very fun to draw. I enjoy seeing how excited my students get when they finish their drawings. I have seen improvement in their writing and drawing since the beginning of the school year. They enjoy doing DCIR. We have been working on cursive writing after spring break. The students are excited to be writing in cursive. They have been trying to write their names. It's all very exciting.”

~ Fran Gamino, 2/3 Grade Teacher

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