Fifth - Sixth Grade Impact

In the fifth - sixth grade classroom the teacher uses the daily practice time to study famous quotes, theology, vocabulary, pressure skills, multiplication facts, improper fractions and so much more! The children, as in the other Explore grades, draw weekly dcir.org lessons to hone their drawing skills, add a creative part of their week and create images on blank sheets of paper. Student put tools such as crayons, sharpeners and rulers away as they use them, organize their workspace, work independently all showcasing their learned executive functioning skills. These students also write short stories every week with illustrations tying to to what they wrote. Handwriting and creativity are encouraged throughout the school year, preparing students for a successful academic path.

Fifth - Sixth Grade Drawings

Fifth - Sixth Graders With Their Drawings

Fifth - Sixth Grade Daily Writing Practice Samples

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“During daily practices, students work on both letters and numbers. Using words and sentences, I am also able to combine spelling and grammar into this short time period. With the number portion, I have students practice their times tables as well as any type of math content that they need some spiral review on, such as decimal operations or fractions. It is a great way to review content with my students while also getting them to practice their handwriting. I have noticed a difference in my students’ drawing as well. I notice when they draw in places other than DCIR lessons, they do a better job than before we started using this program. I also really like that in the lowercase cursive lessons the students always have a picture to draw using the cursive letters. It is a very fun way to practice their cursive writing skills!”

~ Annika Otto, 5/6 Grade Teacher

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