Pre-School Impact

In our Get A Grip program, we work to build the student's finger strength, hand dexterity and how to hold writing implements with a proper pencil grip. Our educators work with their preschool children to connect their hands, brain, eyes and ears through weekly drawing lessons and daily writing practices. These practices increase attention span, hand-eye coordination, near far perceptual skills, acute listening, the ability to focus and follow directions.

Pre-School Drawings

Pre-Schoolers With Their Drawings

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"I work with the pre-writing group in a preschool room. These 4 year old children have discovered the joys of paper, pencil, crayon and markers and often use the fist hold while scribbling on the paper. Using DCIR offers children the opportunity to learn the proper grip for writing and drawing. This assists the strengthening of their hands and fingers and offers the opportunity to start to draw things that look like something! I begin to see different shapes and animals and objects soon after our use of this program. As a teacher, the easy to follow instructions allow all children to develop good pencil grasps within a short period of time."   
~ Miss Sue Petersen, preschool teacher

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