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Exploring the IMPACT of Drawing Children Into Reading, a drawing program for the home or classroom, helping children achieve greatness in whatever they do.

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“We are a preschool through grade 8 school and have been fortunate enough to be a part of the DCIR family the past couple years. We've thoroughly enjoyed not only working with Holley and Wendy, but also with the materials they produce. Last year, we initiated the DCIR program across all grades, Pre k - 8. This was something new for Holley and Wendy, as they did not have lessons designed for older students. They have worked diligently with my staff to produce fabulous lessons across multiple curriculums, taking our input and turning it into reality. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them or the DCIR program. When our students began the program last year, we were still experiencing the effects of Covid disruptions to learning-students could not focus, they lacked basic skills in multiple areas, and they struggled with reading and writing. Implementing the program did not go without any bumps, as one year of Covid issues turned into two, but with Holley and Wendy's guidance, we were able to keep things moving forward. As the year progressed, student handwriting improved, their ability to write stories or journal became easier, and their attention to detail and the ability to sit and concentrate for a longer period of time increased. By the end of the year, we felt that we really made some progress. Fast forward to this year and the progress continues. Not only are they able to do what was described and do it well, but I am seeing the skills transfer to other areas, such as art and classroom projects that involve writing and drawing. They are feeling more accomplished and confident in their capabilities, and they enjoy showing others their work. Every year, I am bombarded with emails or mailings trying to sell me the latest in school improvement programs. Nothing has compared to DCIR in terms of concrete evidence; you can see the change and the transfer of knowledge from one year to the next. It is a phenomenal program and one that I plan to maintain in my building.”

~ Camille DeLano, Principal

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