Kindergarten Impact

In our Foundation course, we continue to work with students to build their finger strength, hand dexterity and proper pencil grip. Additionally our educators work with their kindergarten students to show them, line by line, how to construct letters and numbers correctly, top down with an emphasis on midline. A teacher uses a document camera to demonstrate each line after which the children draw the same line until the writing practice is over. Once a week the students follow along to one of our weekly drawing lessons projected onto a wall or smart board that all the children face while DCIR lessons are being taught. Students continue to hone their grip, pressure skills, shading, shadows, 3D objects and many more drawing techniques. This direct instruction style of teaching is highly engaging, effective, builds attention span and confidence because they draw amazing things! Confidence is a key ingredient to academic success and drawing is a fantastic way for students to gain this pride in their abilities to grow, try new things and effectively communicate.

Kindergarten Drawings

Kindergarteners With Their Drawings

Kindergarten Daily Writing Practice Samples

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"What the program is really about is their fine motor skills and developing those to give them the confidence to help them in their everyday writing and it even flows over into their reading."
~ Mrs. Jennifer Jarvis, kindergarten teacher


"You can see how just a week's worth of instruction has changed the student's  control of the pencil and the perspective of drawing things... When I used to teach second and third grade, I would have been very pleased if I had second graders coming into my classroom doing work that my kindergarteners are exiting with."
~ Mrs. Sandy Weiss, kindergarten teacher


"They're not afraid to take chances. They're not afraid to make mistakes. They really enjoy it." ~ Carrie Kelly, kindergarten teacher

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